EMERBU Modifizierte Gel-Ball-Blasterpistole SLR (Hellbraun)

[Material]: Nylon und Metall

[Funktion]: Mag Prime, Blow Back, Bolt Catch, Auto- und Semi-Shoot-Modi

[Upgrade]: Metallgetriebe V2-Getriebe, Hochgeschwindigkeits- und Drehmoment-480-Langachsenmotor, Feder mit 1,2 mm Drahtdurchmesser, Innenzylinder aus Metall

[Enthalten]: 10.000 härteste Gelkugeln, 11,1-V-Akku und Ladegerät, Schutzbrille

Typ: SLR (Hellbraun)

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EMERBU SLR(Tan) Professional Modified Upgraded Electric Gel Ball Blaster Gun for Adults


[Material]: nylon shell

[Size]: 1:1 scale, 26.5 inches length

[Gearbox]: V2 gearbox with 18:1 metal gearset, M80 spring, metal inner barrel, TAMIYA interface

[Motor]: high speed&torque 480 long axis motor

[Muzzle]: 14mm ccw, Compatible with all 14mm reverse thread muzzle devices


[Function]: mag prime, blowback, bolt catch

[Shooting Mode]: full-auto & semi-auto

[FPS]: 260 rps

[RPS]: 15 rps

[Range]: 150 ft

Package Includes:

EMERBU SLR(Tan) gel blaster gun*1

EMERBU hardest frosted gel balls*10000

11.1V batter*1

USB charger*1



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EMERBU SLR(Tan) Gel Blaster Demo Video
EMERBU Modifizierte Gel-Ball-Blasterpistole SLR (Hellbraun)
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Jamaludin Onan
Shipment not received yet

I still do not received my parcel


I have ordered guns from Australia, China, the US, everywhere. Everywhere. For the price and the modification, this is the best high performance gel blaster I have ever purchased. You will love it! The only catch is, you have to use the correct ammo for it. Use the hardened ammo. Not the colorful play ones that you see all over Amazon. Order high quality, competition ammo. Ammo. This beast shoots at 300 feet per second. It will explode the regular gels within the barrel. It will even explode the milky whites within the barrel, if you know what those are. You need the ultra hardened. Get those, and you will not be displeased

Eric Kang
Love it

FYI, I love this toy gel ball blaster. The instructions were not sufficient. I still don't know exactly how to use it. There wasnt alot of videos online as well. Hopefully, someone will make a tutorial video on how to assemble and load the magazine, and prime the gun, and the different buttons. Even how to unload the extra gel blasters you dont use. Anyhow, this gun is fun and powerful. Its really accurate up to 30 feet and then after 30, the gel balls kind of go anywhere. I shoot them all around the house and I haven't had to clean them up. Oh. it comes with 3 packs of get blaster balls so you'll want to buy some more. The battery life is pretty good. I liked that I had to put on the stickers myself. I recommend using tweezers.