About Emerbutoys

ELO Creativity Company Limited is a global online E-Commerce technology enterprise with a vast network of Distribution Centers and warehouses in different regions across Asia, Australia, Europe, UK & America.

There is nothing like the adventure of running around with your buddies, testing your war skills on the field, shooting with a well-made Gel Blasters. No matter your preference, whether you’re a pistol guy, or you want something bigger to blast, we have them all.

Our options include high-quality one-handed weapons and rifles for every taste. And best of all, we have plenty of upgrades in our portfolio, to really make your piece yours, and add to it a little kick and more precision. Our upgrade products are what really makes us different from the alternatives on the market. We sell better quality upgrades than the original ones and they’re all uniquely designed, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

With a strong soucring ability, all products listed in stores are designed in-house or sourced from local businesses worldwide. If you could not find something you desired in store, just contact us, then we will be immediate souring the item you want.

We pay the utmost focus on the quality. With a fully understanding that everyone has different hobbies & interests, we are commited to delivering products that are as unique as you are!


We rely on top-class manufacturers to make our gel ball blasters, which are later assembled and sent to you from our headquarters in USA and China. Our products maintain the high quality as we want our customers to enjoy a reliable gun that won’t ever fail them.

This online toys store can ship the cheap water gel ball blasters, gel blaster upgrades, gel balls, nerf blasters!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us using our Contact page, or email us at: Emerbutoys@outlook.com


Happy Shopping!

- From the Emerbutoys Team