Pistola Blaster de bola de gel modificada EMERBU ARP9 (negro)

[Material]: nailon y metal

[Función]: modos Mag Prime, Blow Back, Auto y Semi Disparo

[Actualización]: conjunto de engranajes de metal caja de cambios gen 8.5, motor de eje medio 460 de alta velocidad y torsión, resorte de alambre de 1,2 mm de diámetro, cilindro interior de metal

[Contiene]: 10.000 bolas de gel más duras, batería de 11,1 V y cargador, gafas

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Tipo: ARP9 (negro)

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EMERBU ARP9(Black) Professional Modified Upgraded Electric Gel Ball Blaster Gun for Adults


[Material]: nylon shell

[Size]: 1:1 scale, 24 inches length

[Gearbox]: Gen8.5 gearbox with 18:1 metal gearset, M80 spring, metal inner barrel, XT30 interface

[Motor]: high speed&torque 460 medium axis motor

[Muzzle]: 14mm ccw, Compatible with all 14mm reverse thread muzzle devices


[Function]: mag prime, blowback

[Shooting Mode]: full-auto & semi-auto

[FPS]: 260 rps

[RPS]: 15 rps

[Range]: 150 ft

Package Includes:

EMERBU ARP9(Black) gel blaster gun*1

EMERBU hardest frosted gel balls*10000

11.1V batter*1

USB charger*1



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EMERBU ARP9(Black) Gel Blaster Demo Video
Pistola Blaster de bola de gel modificada EMERBU ARP9 (negro)
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Customer Reviews

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Robert Fonseca

Amazing website amazing gel blaster I have no complaints so far solid blaster looks cool feels cool they shipped it and got it to me in good timing love that but I do have one thing they should have videos on how to put in springs motors and gear parts to upgrade the blaster tutorials on how to do it would be amazing


The material of this gun is AMAZING! Only thing is, the stock mag is very small. You have to reload it very often. But overall the gun is great.

Blake B.
Emerbu keeps getting better

So I own four blasters by emberbu and they just keep getting better and better…if you know anything about hobby level gel blasters you know that multiple sellers will purchase the exact same blasters from manufacturers in china and resale the under their own brand.emerbu seems to stand out because they take stock higher end blasters and modify them to perform at a pro blaster level with high fps and fire rate …and they just keep getting better at it this little powerhouse here is the best so far no issue with performance or build quality….one thing is that the gear boxes have been described as metal since emerbu emerged on Amazon.this is not accurate none of the gear boxes across their product line are metal they are all high quality nylon BUT have metal GEARS wich is a huge upgrade compared to plastic and nylon geared blasters …one thing I think Emerbu could improve on is I’d like to see more metal components on the blasters like sling clips and muzzle breaks or metal outer barrels feel and performance of this blaster are superb id recommend absolutely…be mindful though this is NOT a blaster for younger kids it really packs a wallop and would blast an unprotected eye right out in a heartbeat….but used responsibly with safety gear it rocks

Joshua Diffenderfer
Great product for the price you can't beat it anywhere else

What a great little blaster the only thing I would recommend is a better LiPo battery and the drum mag maybe I m 80 spring or 85 the spring it comes is a 1.2 which is like 85 or 90 is awesome but it's a little overpowered you will get better accuracy with a weaker spring and a better fire rate if you upgrade the motor I haven't pulled it apart so I don't know if the cylinder is ported or not but but what you get for the price in these gel blasters is definitely worth it I have two of them one of their original M4A1 that first came out they're great saves you the work from having to upgrade your gears and everything although you can still upgrade they're not 100% upgraded the cylinder head and nozzle they are plastic no O-rings on the nozzle the piston head and ladder stock aren't the best either that's about all you would need to upgrade